Monday, November 8, 2010

Upper East Side Ladies

        Ms. Palermo

*, stella pictures,, swagger.coom

             Ms. Bradshaw

                     Ms. Van der Woodsen
*source: gossipgirlfashion, coolspotter, fabsugar, haveuheard

   Ms. Waldorf

The only thing I look forward to on Monday's is Gossip Girl. Chuck and Blair have this love hate relationship that is just irresistible watch. Another reason why I love this show is of course for the fashion and this gave me the idea for today's post. I wanted to go back and find my favorite TV fashionistas and of course they were all from the upper east side. The City, Gossip Girl, and of course Sex in the City are my favorite to watch. I would love to live in NYC one day just so I can wear my five inch stilettos to the supermarket! Who is your favorite TV fashionista?


  1. great pics! I would literally kill someone for Olivia's Birkin. Sometimes Serena dresses a little provacative for my taste, but when she get it's right it's magic! Blair, hands down, has the most impressively beautiful evening gown collection!!!

  2. I'm obsessed w/ Serena's wardrobe not to mention Blake Lively is the most gorgeous girl on the planet!

  3. i dig the analysis / comparison- creative!

    i was just in nyc and even though i'm not fashionista, i fell in LOVE with all the fabulous stuff around me... so inpsiring, and fascinating to see the difference in how much effort people put into their clothes vs. in SF.

    i would say Carrie is my favorite TV fashionista, not because I can relate but mostly because she was always so daring and out there, and much of it's a way i would never dress myself so i like the fantasy element of her style.

    PS - I haven't watched gossip girl, but perhaps i should start...?

  4. Thanks!! Ladies, for your comments.

    I've only been to NYC once and fell in love with that city right away. I have traveled quite a bit and I must say that it is my favorite city in the world, would live there in a heart beat.

    I would say that Olivia is my favorite. I like how she mixes and matches and always has wears the right shoes for every outfit.

    I hope to keep you all coming back, so I will continue on doing my fashion research.

    Love you all