Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Picturesque Picnic

Few Days of Summer!
Since I've moved to San Francisco I love going on picnics. Its not that often that we get great weather in the city but when we do, we are ready to bring out the blanket, some chilled white wine, cheese and a good magazine to read. We went to Fort Mason park with some friends and it was a picture perfect scene. Tons of people out playing volleyball, out reading and/or socializing with friends. I felt so at peace here and had a great view of the marina and golden gate bridge. I couldn’t of spent a better Sunday afternoon. 


  1. I've got to go to San fran asap! also, you are gorgeous!

  2. aawww...Thank you, you so sweet. SF is amazing when the weather cooperates. I think everyone must visit this city at some point in their lifetime.