Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Xmas Shopping

One day I hope to own  the 2.55

Jacket-Marshalls; Sweater-Calvin Klein; Jeans-True Religion; Boots-DTLA; Snood and accessories-Forever 21 

Saturday I was on my own to go xmas shopping and maybe get some gifts for myself on the way.  Xmas is my favorite time of year, the city looks amazing with all the decorations, lights, ice skating rink in the middle of Union Square and the Xmas spirit that people seem to have. Even though it was pretty cold, the cafes and streets of SF were packed with people. Since I was by myself I couldn't really take any style pictures, although while in the dressing room of H&M, I decided to take some quick ones of what I wore that day. I love this green military jacket and you will never guess where I bought it.. Marshalls!!! It goes with everything and can also wear it in the summer because it is a light jacket. Don't be surprised if you see me wearing it a lot. I found out that we will be going somewhere really nice for NY in Germany, so right away I thought that I must wear something sparkly. I didn't have much success this weekend but still have a week and half to find the perfect outfit!! Have you picked our your New Years Eve Outfit?


  1. i hate christmas... but i love your outfit and your pics! and you! :)

  2. the city looks beautiful with all the christmas decorations. love your photos, and your outfit. the cocktail ring is a stunner!