Monday, December 6, 2010


Shorts & Boots-Forever 21; Sweater-Abercrombie; Shirt-H&M; Coat-Zara; Purse-Downtown LA

The nights are starting to get colder so its time to bring out the coats and boots. Although thinking about it, I've had them out all year. That is one thing I do not like about SF, it is always cold no matter what day of the year it is. Coming from LA this is not good, we need our sun constantly. Friday night was our date night, we went to North Beach (Little Italy), had dinner and then to a bar. During the week for work, Im always wearing jeans and tshirt, so on weekends I try to dress up even if we just take a walk around town. I decided to wear tights with shorts and a cashmere sweater to keep warm through the night, paired with my studded boots and purse which gave my outfit more character, (I love studs or anything that blings)!I added this coat purchased from Zara last year and it completed my look.